Monday, August 18, 2014

Real Moms, Real Solutions

by Jodi Mesnick, Founder of Baby Cargo

Last week I was out shopping—I was feeling a little PMS and needed a boost—a cute shirt always fills the void. Anyway, as I shopped this very cute boutique I saw a fellow mom with a bag hanging low off one handle of her umbrella stroller. At that moment I did something that was not in my comfort zone.  But at that moment I was thinking as a peer—a mom who had experienced a heavy bag dragging low and I wanted to share my “gem”….. I had a solution.

Instead of force-feeding her a sales pitch on the Baby Cargo Georgi Bag I asked her simply, “Does that bag help you or do you just manage?”  Quickly I learned that she had just come into town and that she had been in search of a bag that would be good for travel—as well as for a month on the beach with 2 kids under 4.  In the end she never found “the bag” and just used another diaper bag.

I took my Georgi Bag off my shoulder and quickly slid it over her stroller handles to show how easy the bag was to use with and umbrella stroller!

As the company owner of Baby Cargo I get my “ideas” from experience, moms and research. It was music to my ears to hear her call-out the features we designed with real moms in mind and what she loved!  

Chic style (check!), it was lightweight (check!) and she LOVED how easily it worked with her stroller (check!).  I gave her my business card and a link to purchase the bag.

Last night she emailed me to tell me, “You were so kind to let me know about the prefect bag for my stroller. I truly think it will change my life!! Before traveling here I was looking so badly for a bag to fit all of the baby stuff to carry on the plane and I ended taking 3 different bags."

Baby Cargo was born because I wanted to give real moms, real solutions for everyday situations and challenges we face as moms.  As a small company owner without BIG brand recognition it is challenging.  I have always believed great product sells - brand is second!  So I got my fashion fix, a beautiful dress (brand unknown) from my favorite shop in East Hampton, Clic, and validation that I love what I do for work!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Mother's Day: The Moms of Baby Cargo

This Mother's Day, we want to celebrate the moms of Baby Cargo like:

Our fearless and beautiful leader, Jodi Mesnick:

Our online guru, Monica Banks:

Our spokesmom/publicist, Candice Lombardi:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Sneak Peek Behind Baby Cargo Design on Pinterest

See what inspires our amazingly talented team of designers to create Baby Cargo products through our "Behind the Design" board on Pinterest. Just for fun this morning, here is a color inspiration board from our designer Mindy:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tips for Planning for a Hotel Stay with Family from The Peninsula Hotel New York

Here are a few tips to help when planning a hotel stay for young families courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel:

  • Sleeping Arrangements
Before you travel, contact your hotel’s guest relations department to determine what items they have in-house to ensure a restful night’s sleep for your baby (and you!). Most hotels will provide a portable crib or pack-and-play, along with coordinating linens. The Peninsula New York provides full-size cribs and toddler beds complete with specialty linens. Baby monitors, soothing sleep sounds devices and baby reading books are also available upon request.
  • Baby Gear Essentials – Lighten Your Load
Reduce the amount of gear you pack for your child by making use the hotel’s baby amenities! Most hotels will offer an array of items, from bottle warmers to full-size strollers – the important point is to call ahead and find out what’s available and reserve for your stay. At The Peninsula New York, guests have baby gear at their disposal including:
  1. Strollers and car seats
  2. Crib with all bumpers, bed rails
  3. Baby tubs, hypoallergenic baby bath products, hooded towel
  • Keep Your Baby Well Fed On The Road
Be sure to bring enough formula or food to get you to the hotel and back home. Contact the concierge at the hotel in advance of your visit and ask them to find out which pharmacies or grocery stores carry your formula – that way you can buy what you need once you arrive rather than packing. The Peninsula can even arrange for one of our Page’s to run to the store and purchase what you need in advance of your stay.
  • Keep Your Hotel Informed!
The most important step you can take to ensure a smooth hotel stay with your baby is to inform the hotel in advance. At The Peninsula New York, baby proofing your hotel room is a complimentary amenity that can be accomplished before your family checks in. Also, inform the hotel of any allergies your baby/child may have so the kitchen can make proper adjustments. While the hotel cannot dispense medicine, The Peninsula New York does have access to 24-hour pharmacies and a Page can be sent to pick up any drug store order 24 hours a day.
  • Utilize the Concierge
The concierge can be a traveling family’s best friend! Let the concierge team customize a special itinerary for children, from kid-friendly parks and playgrounds to fun restaurants, concierges truly are the key to a successful visit to any city. In addition, they're able to share insider knowledge on the best babysitters, local boutiques, children’s museums and shows.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Cargo makes the list: Amy Tara Koch's "best in show: must have products for moms to be & new moms"

Read the article here.

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...Baby Cargo’s Lightweight Umbrella Strollers are “as versatile and well-traveled as your favorite cargo pants — chock full of pockets, easy to fold and as light as they come.” I’ve spotted these strollers while out and about, and they look good in person... Read more.